Learn gaming, design, engineering and Lego building with 13 year old Dex.

Learn 3D modeling and graphic design with 11 year old Dan.

Let 9 year old Chester show you how to make great art with these mini tutorials.

Let your imagination run free with 6 year old Wilder, who will take you on adventures.

Play As You Learn


Play through some of your favorite educational games. Find mini-tutorials, tips and tricks for popular video games.


See the most creative LEGO builds around and how to create awesome constructions from your favorite bricks.

Drawing & Painting

Want to learn how to create your own fun drawings and paintings? These step-by-step tutorials will help you along.


Access new digital skills with some of the most popular programs available for kids.

Imaginative Play

Access your inner child with these imaginative play activities. Perfect for the young or young at heart.

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